Windshield Chip Repair

At Dent Tricks, we are pleased to offer same-day windshield chip repair on chips smaller than a quarter and small cracks less than the length of a dollar bill. Repairing rock chips, stars, bulls-eyes, and small cracks, helps restore clarity to your windshield and helps prevent the need for windshield replacement. The goal of repairing windshield damage is to stop the chip or crack from getting larger and spreading across the surface. Considering some windshield costs can exceed $2,000, and to replace them, you must break the seal and chance future wind or water leaks, repairing small damage should always be your first option.

The Science behind Windshield Chip Repair

There are three types of windshield chips: starbursts, bulls-eyes, and combinations. Which one do you have on your windshield?

  • Starburst: chips in the shape of a star with spider-like legs spreading from each point on the star
  • Bulls-eye: chips in the shape of a perfectly round circle without any cracks coming off of it
  • Combination: chips with elements of both starburst and bulls-eye characteristics

Have you ever noticed that the cracks look black in color? This is the oxygen inside the glass forming the crack or chip. In order to restore the clarity of the windshield, Dent Tricks removes the oxygen inside the glass and replaces it with a clear acrylic resin. Our windshield repair technicians create a vacuum on the break and place the clear acrylic resin on top of the crack or chip. As we release the vacuum, the resin is pulled into the broken area, sealing it and preventing the chip or crack from getting larger.

The Dent Tricks Advantage

The majority of Dent Tricks’ clients bring their cars back repeatedly because we strive to provide cheaper, faster, and better quality services than any of the alternatives.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the work we have done, we will try our best to make it right. If you have a chip or crack in your windshield and want to prevent it from spreading and needing to be replaced, call us today at 478-405-8000 to schedule your windshield repair appointment. You’ll be in and out in a flash!