Is Paintless Dent Repair expensive?

No. When you have a dent, you have three options. Live with it, which is free. Let a body shop repair it, which is not. OR, have Dent Tricks remove it, which is about 1/4 the cost of the body shop. Hmmm?

Why should we get our bumper repaired at Dent Tricks?

Let’s compare: at Dent Tricks you will be getting a great repair in one day at about 1/3 the cost of replacement by folks that are a blast to get to know, and not to mention, we have a wonderfully comfortable waiting area with drinks, cable, Wi-Fi, and a clean bathroom…

If you want to leave your car somewhere for several days, get a ride there and back, have it replaced instead of repaired, and probably have to file an insurance claim because of the cost… we will be happy to refer you to some good folks

Do you guys use magnets, suction, dry ice, Vaseline, or fairies to get the dents out?

No. We use special rods, bars, and picks to massage the dent out from the backside of the metal. We can get to most dents as long as they’re not too close to the edge.

Should I try to get the dent out myself?

Only if you can give yourself a root canal. PDR is an art that takes years to master and a part-time technician or someone with NO experience will only make the dent worse, most likely by cracking the paint.

Are the do-it-yourself (DIY) kits at auto shops and on late night cable good options for minor repairs?

There are kits for each and every auto cosmetic repair imaginable. Knock your socks off if you are that type, but keep in mind…we charge triple to fix what DIY’ers mess up. We can only assume that if the services we offer were easy enough to learn on YouTube or purchase for $19.95 on QVC, we would not have been in business and continued to grow since 1998.

You say you are mobile, so is it a problem if I live in Atlanta?

We are mobile for some of our services, but we only service a small geographic territory. If you live outside the city limits of Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin, Milledgeville, or Cochran we’ll be glad to meet you somewhere nearby.

Are your prices negotiable?

If you would like, we will charge you “half price” AND let you use our tools to repair the damage yourself. This will be fun for us and help save you money. However, we WILL record it, put it all over Facebook, and not share in any of the proceeds we gain from it going viral!

May I watch you remove my dent, repair my bumper, or brighten my headlights?

If the repair is a quick repair and you are interesting… sure. However, it is uncomfortable and distracting to have someone hovering around us for an extended period of time.

May I ask you lots of questions about the repair process?

You may ask a few. We consider “lots” training and charge for that.

Can all dents be removed through PDR?

No. Dents where the paint is damaged (scratched, rusted, oxidized, etc.) may not be repairable. We MUST see the damage to determine this. Also, if a dent is within 1/2 an inch of the edge of a panel, it may not be repairable due to access. Again, we must see the damage to determine this.

Can all bumpers be repaired?

Dent Tricks only repairs plastic bumpers and unfortunately, not all can be repaired. We must see each bumper to make the determination. Often times, people assume incorrectly that we cannot repair their bumper. Equally, people sometimes incorrectly assume we can repair a bumper. We are always happy to explain in person and with the vehicle why we may not be able to perform certain repairs.

Do the dents disappear completely?

Most of the time they do. However, Dent Tricks is recognized for repairing dents others won’t attempt. Dents that are borderline “body shop” jobs many not be 100% repairable. However, we can tell you prior to starting the repair, the approximate percentage that the dent can be removed. It may be 80% or 95% in some instances. We will discuss this with you beforehand.

If you cannot repair my damage, do I still owe you anything?

We normally know as soon as we see the damage IF we can repair it or not. If we think we can and you agree to let us, you owe us nothing if we cannot repair it. If we repair the damage to the percentage we discussed prior to starting the repair, then yes, you do.

Will auto insurance pay for my damage repairs?

Most dent repairs cost less than the typical deductible and many bumper repairs do also. So, it would not make sense to file the claim. However, if you have severe damage like hail or extreme bumper damage from one incident, your insurance will probably cover it after you pay your deductible.

Is Dent Assurance really a good deal?

Heck yeah! An average invoice for dent removal is $165. Sometimes this is for multiple panels and sometimes for one. Regardless, you can get unlimited dent removal for what works out to as little as $10 a month. Now, this does not include hail damage and yes, there are size limitations, but it’s a value that will pay for itself many times over. Call us for more information.

Does Dent Tricks accept credit cards?

We can accept all major debit and credit cards.

How do you get most of your business?

Repeat business from years of exemplary service. Dealerships, body shops, rental companies, and thousands of individuals continue to call us over and over, because we are the best at what we do in Georgia.

Do you work on weekends?

No. But, for the right price, we will consider it.

Does Dent Tricks support any charities?

We give annually to a couple of local non-profit charities close to our hearts. We choose to give larger amounts to these organizations instead of little amounts to lots of different groups.

Will you support my charity?

Send us your information and request by USPS and we will consider dropping one that we currently support in order to support yours.

Are you hiring?

Yes! If you have experience in PDR, interior repair, paint repairs, wheel repair, or another complementary service, have a strong work ethic, jive with the rest of our impeccable team, and are willing to sit down with us for coffee or beers to discuss further… we’d be interested in talking to you about employment with Dent Tricks.