Hail Damage

Every year, vehicles around the world are pummeled by hail, perhaps from pop-up summer storms, tornados, or winter thunderstorms. The science behind the weather phenomenon is certainly interesting, but the resulting consequences can be devastating and costly. When hail of certain size and density drops from the sky and collides with a vehicle, it can cause damage ranging from barely noticeable to complete and total loss!

Significant hail will often result in thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles. In many situations, this damage can be repaired by Dent Tricks’ hail damage experts solely using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). On other occasions, PDR and conventional body repair may be required. This situation is referred to as “combo work.” Rarely will we have to refer you to a body shop for 100% conventional repairs.

So, I’ve got Hail Damage – Now What?

Step 1 – Inspect your vehicle.

It’s important to inspect your vehicle as soon as possible in clean, dry conditions and under florescent lights to see if there are any dents or dings.

Step 2 – Call insurance company to file claim.

If the hail caused damage to your vehicle, your first course of action should be to contact your insurance company. Most importantly, you have the LEGAL RIGHT to have your car repaired by whomever YOU chose!

Step 3 – Don’t be misled.

Most insurance companies will encourage you to use a repair facility they have a discount agreement with. Often they will use manipulative statements like, “We will not warranty work done at shops other than one of our preferred providers.” This is very misleading because they also don’t warranty work done at their preferred provider shops. Any warranty you get will come from the repair facility, so it is wise to choose a local one that has a long-term presence in the community.

Step 4 – Bring car to Dent Tricks for inspection.

After filing a claim with the insurance company, it would be best to have your car inspected by Dent Tricks. If it is determined that the car can be repaired 100% via PDR or a combo job, Dent Tricks can schedule a date to have the car dropped off for repairs. The only thing we would need other than the vehicle and keys would be your information and insurance information, including the claim number.

Step 5 – Insurance company will send adjuster.

After Dent Tricks receives the car, the insurance company will send one of their adjusters to Dent Tricks to approve any supplements necessary and authorize the repair process to begin. Most hail repairs take less than two days if the hail damage only needs PDR service.

Step 6 – Dent Tricks works its magic.

Hail damage repair is very time-consuming and tedious. Often times a panel on a car can have hundreds of dents that each need to be meticulously massaged back to their original shape without cracking the paint. Issues like internal bracing, double panels, aluminum, high-strength steel, etc. all play a part in the difficulty and time it takes to put a car back to its pre-damaged condition.

Dent Tricks Hail Damage Repair

Since 1998, Dent Tricks has been repairing all types of dents and dings including those from hail damage. Using specialized rods, bars, and picks, Dent Tricks sculpts the damaged metal back to its original shape using a series of precise and very accurate pushes. The end results leaves your vehicle with a smooth, non-dented, glossy finish.

Good Advice on Hail Gypsies & Louche Repair Shops

After a large hail storm passes, it is never surprising to see out of town, fly-by-night, hail gypsies appear within days, often setting up shop under circus tents, renting out empty garages, or promising local body shops huge percentages to work in the back of the body shop and trick customers into thinking the local body shop is repairing the hail.

Bad repairs leave your vehicle with lots of flat, little, rash-looking spots all over your car. If you receive this type of repair from a sub-par company like hail gypsies, you likely have other issues you were unaware of like unnecessary holes drilled, broken trim pieces, and clear coat sanded off in spots. If your car is repaired improperly like this, you either have to live with it or have a car completely repainted – another reason to choose a reputable, local provider.

It’s best to contact Dent Tricks or another local PDR service provider directly for repairs. They will be here two years after the others are gone. Besides, keeping business local, even if it does arise from an unfortunate act of nature, helps the local community.

Dent Tricks repairs dozens of hail cars every year and in some years it’s been hundreds. Since 1998, our goal has been to take our time and concentrate on quality first. Each one of our repairs is backed by our written warranty and you can count on us to be here years later if you ever need us.