Headlight Brightening

Headlight brightening is crucial to your safety as a driver and for those driving on the road with you. Hazy, dim headlights not only decrease the curb appeal of your vehicle, but they also reduce your ability to see the road, deer, or people not paying attention while crossing the street and wearing dark clothes at night. Bright, well-functioning headlights can alert you to possible dangers and obstacles in the roadway that could save your life and the lives of others. Do not drive any longer with foggy, yellowish, oxidized headlights that look like an old dog with glaucoma. Call us today at 478-405-8000 to have your headlights restored to a clear, attractive, and safe state.

Headlight Restoration Process

When headlights oxidize, they turn a hazy yellow color. In order to remove that dull color and restore the headlights’ brightness, we sand off all the oxidation and apply a clear acrylic UV coating. This process generally takes less than an hour and you can be on your safe way!

Headlights are typically made out of plastic and over the years, the onslaught of wind, grime, fumes, debris, and road rash chips away at them, breaking down the plastic. This turns the plastic dull and it is a problem that cannot be simply wiped away with an off-the-shelf or as-seen-on-TV solution – it has to be properly cleaned, sanded down in stages, cleaned again, and clear-coated with a UV protectant. Dent Tricks restores headlights every week and has for many years. It is possible to find comparable products online, but we wouldn’t recommend risking buying sub-par products or applying questionable products to your vehicle with little to no experience.

Unfortunately, plastic lenses exposed to sun, road wear, car washes, bugs, and more do not look good forever… even from the manufacturer. Reconditioning them cost much less than replacements and the safety benefits are priceless.

We guarantee our headlight restoration service for 12 months.