Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair: The Same-Day, Cost-Effective Solution

Dent Tricks repairs plastic bumpers that have been dented backing into walls, scraped on yellow poles, torn on parking curbs, ripped by attack dogs, punctured by zombies, gouged with golf cleats, or shot with a gun. All joking aside, we prevent many bumpers from being thrown in the landfill every year by simply repairing existing – but damaged – bumpers instead of replacing them. And we do it for a fraction of the cost of replacements! Dent Tricks’ bumper repair technician specializes in repairing plastic bumpers using a cost-effective micro-repair, whereas most body shops’ default repair method is to replace a damaged bumper instead of repairing it!


Paint Touch-Up: Saving You Tons of Dough

Normal wear and tear on your vehicle can result in unsightly scratches and chips on that once-beautiful factory paint job and it will decrease the value of your vehicle. Whether it’s from rocks, gravel, road debris, kids’ bicycle handles, dogs jumping on the side of your vehicle, shrubs rubbing along the side, or someone squeezing between your car and another one while wearing parachute pants with metal zippers all over them, thus causing cosmetic damage to the paint… our paint touch-up services will save you money – especially compared with the alternative of completely repainting your vehicle.

Why Dent Tricks for Bumper Repair & Paint Touch-Up?

At Dent Tricks, we believe that integrity and dependability are the foundations of a successful business. When you come to us for bumper repair or paint touch-up we will give you a firm price quote that will leave you in awe of how we can pay the light bills with such prices. And we will estimate how much time it will take and the expected percentage to which it can be repaired. Call us today at 478-405-8000 to schedule an appointment for a paint touch-up or bumper repair.