Odor Removal

At Dent Tricks, our odor removal services are safe, fast, and effective. Our professional odor removal process only takes a few hours and it eliminates that unpleasant organic or chemical stank. Our odor removal service does not mask or cover up odor, but completely eliminates odor using a safe effective chlorine dioxide product. (Chlorine dioxide is used to chlorinate municipal drinking water. When used properly, it is very safe.)

Here are a few examples:

We can safely and effectively get rid of most any odor that has penetrated the cloth, headliners, and in-cabin air filter and seems impossible to take care of. For those tough smells, car fresheners and sprays only transform the odor into something worse mixed with a touch of pine or coconut. To completely remove the smell, you need the professionals at Dent Tricks.

The Science behind Odor Removal

Professional odor removal is much more complex than spraying an air freshener. The solution we use is eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, and leaves no harmful residue. In fact, because of the chlorine dioxide system we use, when the process is complete, for a couple of hours your car will smell faintly like a swimming pool store. This dissipates very quickly though and you are left with a clean, neutral scent. Our odor removal specialists place the non-toxic substance inside the car and let it penetrate everything porous inside the vehicle. Sources of the odor need to be removed completely prior to Dent Tricks beginning the process. For example, if you left a tuna fish sandwich in your trunk, it should be removed. Our process removes odors, but will not eat the tuna fish!