Dent Assurance

You probably remember how you felt when you caught a glimpse of your new car sparkling in the sunshine just after you bought it, right? The paint was so shiny and the body so sleek. You were a proud driver. Then, you got your first dent, and your heart broke into a million little pieces. Okay, maybe not a million, but seeing your new ride peppered with dents, dings, and creases, still bites… doesn’t it? Dent Tricks has the guaranteed solution to helping you keep that new car joy, and it’s called Dent Assurance.

What is Dent Assurance?

Dent Assurance is a highly discounted, pre-paid dent repair plan that offers peace of mind and a sure-fire way to keep your vehicle in excellent, dent-free condition. We offer Dent Assurance in one to five year terms. So, basically, you pay up front and then have access to unlimited dent repair every time you need it! Literally, you could get a dent repaired every single day for 5 years, (but we may start following you with a video crew in hopes of landing a reality show about people that get dents every single day!) Dent Assurance keeps your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the lot and helps maintain re-sale value. We all know how those ugly dents can diminish our cars’ value, so Dent Assurance is the no-brainer solution to keeping your vehicle ding-free!

Is Dent Assurance really a good deal?

Heck yeah! An average invoice for dent removal is $165. Sometimes this is for multiple panels and sometimes for one. Regardless, you can get unlimited dent removal for what works out to as little as $10 a month. This does not include hail damage, but dents and dings smaller than a baseball are covered….which means the majority of shopping cart dents, door dings, or misguided golf ball damage, thus paying for itself many times over. Call us at 478-405-8000 for more information.

Dent Assurance for Car Dealerships

We partner with car dealerships and their F&I departments throughout the southeast so they can offer Dent Assurance to their patrons at the time of the vehicle sale. Often, Dent Assurance is bundled with the car payment making it extremely affordable for the customer, ensuring a better trade-in value in the future, reducing the likelihood of lease turn-in appearance penalties, and lowering reconditioning cost for the dealer in the future. If you’re interested in the opportunity to offer Dent Assurance, call us today at 478-405-8000.